Wednesday, March 7

My Brother's Blog

Rhys is in Europe, and has started a travelpost blog. (I should start getting commission from those guys for introducing new people) I'll add it to my sidebar here soon. Until then, if you want a running update of Europe's beer prices, click here.

Sunday, March 4


nothing about my life. it's way too madly busy to blog about...
Here's some other stuff though:

A pic that was apparently taken on australia day in Perth. Very cool. There's even a comet in the middle, though I'd need to upload a bigger image for anyone to actually see it. Nyeh. Just google it if you want a better version!

Some old Engrish I never posted:
First. A g-string for your feet?

I love Crunky...
A friend's t-shirt:
And some peanuts my japanese teacher gave me:
Beer communication is probably a good term for what goes on in an average pub...

There's a few new posts on my travel blog if you need something to read, and haven't checked it in the last few weeks. I also plan to start writing more to my professional blog now that uni has started again. And someday I'll manage to write to this more regularly, however, right now I'm up to my ears in readings and french homework, so I'd better go do them.