Wednesday, April 25

10 023 days old

So. I've been meaning to work out when my 10 000th day was for a while now. Like over a year. Nick first put the idea in my head some years ago when he planned to celebrate his 10 000th day in style. It's the sort of thing someone with a Phd in pure mathematics would do. In the end, he didn't, but I still thought it would be nice to know when mine was. Last night he and Sean and I were sitting about doing not very much (something we're good at lately) and I realised that my 10 000th day would be sometime around now, and it really should be worked out. About 1 minute later (it probably would have taken me half an hour) I was informed that my 10 000th day passed unnoticed on the 3rd of April. Pity. This makes me currently 10 023 days old. A quick google search turned up this website, part of which I use regularly for time zone calculations. With the help of the "Useless Dates Related to your Birthday" calculator, I learnt that tomorrow, I turn 1431 weeks old. And that on July 24th, 2011, I will turn 1 Billion. Seconds, that is.
I'm also currently 44 years old - if I lived on Venus, that is. It might be better to move to Mars - I'm only 15 there. I'm also seriously considering having a big 1st brithday celebration in 2009. I'd probably better arrange to be on Saturn for it though.

Monday, April 23


I'm on holidays. Sort of. I still have uni, of course, but I'm not working for two whole weeks, while General English is on holiday. This is Very Nice. Here is is, Monday afternoon, and I'm at home, relaxing, and Getting Things Done. I could seriously get used to this. Pity about the two (or four) assignments I have to work on. It is really nice, however, to have the time and brain space to devote to my uni work though. More about uni and work on my serious blog.

The other thing I have brain space to do is finish booking my flights. Sean and I booked some flights a couple of weeks ago, but I still need to get to Darwin, and then from London to Vancouver. That will all happen this week. I also thought we'd need to look into visas in Asia, but as far as I can see, we don't need any for any of the places we're going. I've written about our travel plans in slightly more details on travelpost.

But right now, I think I'd better go work on my assignment that's due Thursday. Luckily it consists of a lesson plan and 15 minutes of teaching. I think I can manage that...

Friday, April 6

Another brother update

So I have two brothers overseas at the moment - Kieran is in Taiwan visiting Kathleen's parents, and Rhys is still in Europe, though is starting to make plans for coming home about the same time I leave here (which is nicely timed). He has, however, just sent this video from Rome, where he was a week or so ago. I think he's in Ireland now.

Tuesday, April 3

The mysterious life of Kat.

So my life isn't really that mysterious. I haven't been writing about it because it seems so ridiculously busy and complicated that writing anything seemed too difficult. So I'll just write a list that explains how almost every minute of my life is timetabled.
Most of my life is taken up with work, and study. More the work than the study, I have to admit. I now work on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I have uni classes on wednesday and Thursday evenings. On Monday nights I go to belly dancing (although I think I'm going to drop that in favour of a second yoga class after Easter), on Tuesday evenings it's choir rehearsal, Wednesday mornings I have a yoga class, Thursday afternoons a training class organised for QUT staff (I like being employed by an enormous organisation that does free things for its staff!). Friday afternoons sees me (and Sean) at a French lesson in town, after which we usually hang out at Rowan and Klaus's for the evening. Saturday and Sunday aren't usually overly scheduled, but I do have to do readings for uni, housework and shopping etc somtimes. I also have wednesday afternoons and friday mornings "free" for these things, but it never seems like enough time!